Welcome! 👋

A non-profit community-focused hobby club in Tallinn, Estonia where people gather to enjoy a variety of hobby related activities 😊

We are mostly active on Discord! Join us: https://discord.gg/sF6HAC54kZ
Support us on Ko-Fi! https://ko-fi.com/yomana

In club you can find:
⭐ Collection of more than 100 board games
⭐ Wargaming tables, terrains and equipment
⭐ 4 video game consoles (including new generation PS5)
⭐ Devoted room for role-playing games
⭐ Fully equipped kitchen with coffee machine

€20 per month

+Free club visits

+ Free / discounted event ticket

+ Discounts at our partner

€50 per month

+ All from the previous tier

+ 24/7 Club access

+ Ability to organise public events

*Requires a vouch

€80 per month

+ All from the previous tier

+ Ability to organise private events (participants don’t pay for the entrance)

*Requires a vouch